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It's me, Natasha!

Maybe you have a vision for what you want a special moment in your life to look like, but when the moment comes, it all happens so quickly.

All you are left with are vague memories and some blurry photos on your friend's cell phone. 

You want photos that will bring those memories rushing back in full resolution.

You want photos that you can confidently hang on your wall or display on your social media page.

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Don't worry. I've got you. 

Hi, I'm Natasha!
Leaf embellishment.
Leaf embellishment.
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While life can feel like a hectic whirlwind, photography slows things down by bringing your most cherished moments in time to a standstill. 


I currently live and play in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

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I am a vegan with three loveable cats (Mouse, Amelia, and Kitty), and I believe in treasuring all living things on this delicate planet.

My Mission

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Self Portrait-GROWTH-2022.09.07-019.jpg

I aspire to convey the depth and beauty of every individual I photograph.

Not everyone can see themselves in the way others do, and I believe photography can bring to light those wonderful parts that we tend to overlook or diminish. ​

My goal is to show you just how beautiful you are...

both in your human shell and your essence.

Leaf embellishment.
I can't wait to start capturing your story!
Leaf embellishment.
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