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Did you know that "Boudoir" is a French term for a woman's sulking room? 


I've chosen to call my Boudoir style, "Body" to make the concept more inclusive and to create opportunities for body-focused imagery beyond the classic bedroom boudoir shoot. 

While boudoir has a history of being shot by and for the male gaze, there has been a wave of interest from women wanting to do boudoir shoots—get this—for THEMSELVES!

Belinda Boudoir Lightroom 01.23.2023-073.jpg

I love helping all people feel beautiful and sexy in their skin (or whatever they feel most confident wearing).


What can I expect?

Poses and styling are determined based on your comfort, your personality, and your favourite physical attributes. My goal is always to make you feel safe and in control during the shoot.

Stripping down can be a vulnerable experience but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding! Not to mention the sweet collection of photos you'll have to help you see yourself as the stunning and enticing human being you are.

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