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Birth & Newborn


Why hire a birth photographer?


From the chaotic rush to the hospital to the physically demanding process of bringing human life into the world, you are bound to miss a detail or two. Your little one won't stay so little for long and the clarity of your memories will diminish, but your photos will last forever.

My job is to do more than snap photos of you giving birth.

My mission is to tell your story, artfully and tastefully in a way that will allow you to memorialize the precious little being that you have created, your support team that makes it possible, and that love at first sight moment when you meet the little one you have been carrying inside of you for the very first time. 

Don't leave the responsibility of capturing these moments to your loved ones. 

While I don't doubt that your best friend/parent/partner can take a great photo, there are a LOT of factors that go into a successful birth photography experience.

There are shifts in lighting, unexpected locations, forgetting your phone charger at home... the conditions for capturing birth are highly unpredictable.

Aleisha&James&Xavier 2022.04.08-087.jpg

You can trust that I am prepared with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to do your majestic experience justice.  

Ultimately, your loved ones are there to support YOU. They will want to be present with you in that moment, holding your hand and reassuring you that you are doing great, instead of observing it all through a camera lens.


You can leave that part to me!

Feeling nervous?

I hear you. While many new parents are keen to document all of their baby's "firsts," the thought of capturing the rawness and intimate emotion of birth can be intimidating. Not to mention the prospect of having one more thing to think about on that momentous day.  


Don't worry. I've got you.

As your birth photographer, your comfort and ease will be my top priority.


  • I will be there for you doing what I do best as unobtrusively as possible. 

  • I'm available on-call and ready to capture your birth experience when the time arrives, whenever it happens and for however long it  takes.

  • All you have to focus on is you. 

From that first skin-to-skin contact to the first time that your little one gets to meet the special people in your life, and every second in between, these are the moments you should never let fade away. 

Is it worth the investment?


I offer various packages (starting at $1000) to make sure you get exactly what you are after.

Through multiple consultations and conversations, I will ensure that your birth package is custom-tailored to your needs, desires, and budget.

Every package will include a slide show or digital images so you never have to let go of those tiny first moments.

A birth photography package is more than just a series of photos; it is an origin story.

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