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Kid Kouture

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Introducing Kid Kouture!

Local designer Kendra Lee and I have teamed up to offer you a unique package for your kids or as a gift!
Join us for honouring your kid while they dress up and feel like whatever they want to feel in that moment. We hope to encourage spontaneity and play!

Kid Kouture Kendra Lee 2023.01.15-125.jpg
Kid Kouture Kendra Lee 2023.01.15-395.jpg

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the process fun and exciting for your little ones and to provide opportunities for them to express creativity and share their own ideas. Even if their idea for a pose or a shot doesn’t work out in practice, it is important for them to feel heard and included. If they are engaged and having fun, we are also more likely to capture some genuine smiles throughout the session!

Kid Kouture

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

Meet The Designer

Kid Kouture Kendra Lee 2023.01.15-286.jpg
Kendra Lee Promo- Brooklynn 2022.12.01-116.jpg

My name is Kendra Lee. I'm a 30 year old mother to a 5 year old girl, Lilly, and a 2 year old boy, Parker. My dreams and aspirations are supported by my amazing fiancé, Cory and our families. I grew up in a single parent home and received my first sewing machine when i was 12 years old and taught myself to sew. I didn't have my first actual sewing class until I attended and graduated MC College for their Fashion Design and Apparel Production program in 2014/2015. I dabbled in the industry- and took a break to start my family in 2017. I ended up getting a university certification in special needs educational assistant during my first maternity leave- and after only teaching 1 year in the school system I re-converted the nursery into a design studio so I could do what I really love, and that is the creative expression and production through the design of my personal clothing inspiration. My children have recently inspired me to venture into children's fashion. This summer I made a small collection and I was very impressed with myself- that being said I've decided to open up to orders for Children's wear in addition to my petite and plus size collections.

Kendra Lee - Edmonton Clothing Designer

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