Bohemian (bō-hēmē-ən)

A socially unconventional person
     especially one who is involved in the arts

With a smartphone and a filter, nearly anyone can take a decent photo these days.

But when it comes to your most treasured experiences and emotions, you deserve more than just a "decent photo." 

Allow me to capture the unique

beauty & essence that is all your own.

New mother nursing baby. Young child nearby.

For all the heartwarming moments that you'll treasure forever

Woman smiling with white flowers around face.
Growth Series

A photo series about embracing where you came from and all that you have become 

Nude woman sitting draped in white sheet.

A blog post on goddesses and feeling beautiful in your skin


Woman leaning back on couch.
Boudoir for Self-Love
Woman holding flowers.
Bare skin and nature