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Edmonton Maternity & Motherhood Photography

Looking for a maternity or motherhood photographer in Edmonton (YEG)? You've come to the right place!

My name is Natasha, and I am a local photographer in Edmonton, Alberta, and two of my favourite photography subjects are expectant mothers and new mamas with their babies!

When it comes to shooting maternity photos in and around Edmonton, there are numerous places to choose from and unlimited possibilities for how to tell your story on camera. I am regularly discovering new, unique, and beautiful locations in YEG, and I have the pleasure of meeting lots of incredible mamas along the way.


Outdoor Motherhood

Edmonton offers an array of stunning natural backdrops for your Maternity and/or motherhood shoot. There is an impressive range of colours and natural elements through each of the seasons in Edmonton, which makes for some truly magical outdoor photos. Being an outdoor maternity photographer in Edmonton has opened up a new sense of wonder within me. I get to witness the connection between motherhood and nature, and I have the honour of capturing it.

Your own backyard or private outdoor space is another excellent option for your motherhood or maternity photos. I have been accumulating gorgeous props and backdrops for my own backyard studio in South Edmonton. I love photographing mothers and mothers-to-be in this private, cozy space that I have poured so much love and creativity into.

At Home Motherhood

If it is important for you to have complete privacy for your maternity or motherhood shoot, then a session in the comfort of your home may be the best fit for you! A shoot at home is also ideal for when the weather is too cold to be outdoors (especially with your little one) for very long. Perhaps you want to capture an activity or a part of your home that holds intimate meaning for you. The beauty of staying in for your photography session is that you have total control over how you want your surroundings to look. Whether you like to keep things simple and minimalist or detailed and maximalist, I am always eager to play and explore in order to bring my client's vision to life. An indoor shoot also means you can dress however you would like! Throw on your favourite pair of jeans and a sports bra, or a feminine flowy dress you never get to wear, or maybe we can even fill your bathtub and sprinkle some flowers in it! What matters most is that you feel spectacular.

If you'd like to discuss whether your home will be a suitable location, you can inquire on my website, where I can send you my Client Prep Guide! In my Client Prep Guide, I lay out everything you need to know for your maternity or motherhood photo session.


Studio Motherhood

Edmonton is bursting with incredible photography studios. @TheMakersSpace is one of my favorite spots; it is a full house studio, so you can really achieve a home feeling without having to worry about preparing your own home for your maternity photo session.


Nude Motherhood

If you are looking for a natural, ethereal, outdoor maternity photoshoot, I am your gal. One of my first (and favorite) maternity sessions I have shot in Edmonton so far included these nude photos I took as part of my thesis project in photography school. I dream of the day that a client will request a nude natural motherhood shoot like this!


Interested in booking a maternity or motherhood shoot with me?

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