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Who is Belinda?

Belinda and I met working promo shifts together for a company called Rhythm Fx. We bonded pretty easily over both of us being vegan, and were both neurodivergent weirdos.

We lived together for a short time, and little did we know we would be working so closely together all this time later.

Belinda has incredible strengths that I do not excel at, and I knew I wanted those strengths to compliment my strengths! So I asked her if she would work for me, and it has been a blessing since.

She created my entire website (originally as a school project) and listened to every little detail I wanted to be included.

She also taught me a lot about how to navigate it myself so now I can operate a lot on my own. She edits a lot of what I write, or at least proofreads/small edits. She also writes a lot of my major content, like the website writing you see and the blurbs on my contract. Sometimes, I give her a word vomit of things that she will make pretty. And sometimes, she writes something all herself and let me tell you, it is always a pleasure reading what she writes.

Belinda is also big on reading and is a librarian actually! She definitely reads a lot more than I do, and it's really nice having a fellow reader friend! She has helped two local seniors write and publish their memoirs on Amazon, and has been editing resumes, fiction, cover letters, and academic content for people as a freelancer (Belle Check) for years.

All that being said, this woman is also a dancer with

a smokin' hot bod! She started her dance journey with RFX, and is now with DollHaus and looking for more opportunities in the performing world.

She has also been one of my models over the years, and I'll admit, we just keep getting better and better with our photoshoots, haha.

Her modeling for me is a part of what caused our working friendship to blossom! And I am so very appreciative and grateful.

With all of this, she is a kind soul, with an awesome mind. She has tons of beautiful,

creative ideas, wonderfully complemented by her intellect and wisdom. I am honored to have

Belinda as a friend and creative partner. We have had so much fun together, and I am excited for the future fun to come!

Stay tuned for future blog posts written by Belinda! They are beautiful and worth the read!

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